State: 22. October 2020

The current regulation of the university of Zurich regarding the Corona pandemic is the following:

  • Mask wear obligation in buildings​​ expanded: Within all the public-accessible buildings of UZH, students have to not only wear a mask, when they move from A to B, however from now on they have to wear a mask permanently within the UZH buildings regardless they stay on the same place.

  • Online lectures / Home-office: All the lectures of UZH are conducted fully digitally from now on.

  • This is how we protect each other at UZH:

    • ​We wear a mask in the public interiors of UZH.

    • We adhere to the hygiene and behavioural rules of the BAG.

    • We always keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

    • We stay at home when we are sick or when we return from a risk area (according to the BAG).

    • In the case of symptoms of illness, we observe the existing rules.

    • Students and guests of the UZH only stay at the UZH if their presence on site is necessary.

    • The UZH recommends using the SwissCovid app.

  • Safety concept for the UZH: ​If you want to learn more about the safety concept of UZH, visit the following website: Safety Concept of UZH

  • Chronology of the UZH measures: In the following infographic, you will find all the taken measures of the university to protect all the members of UZH, since the beginning of the Corona pandemic: Infographic: Chronology of the UZH Measures