Are you studying at UZH and having to put up with remote lectures? Are you tired of everlasting Zoom meetings and communication issues? Would you rather wish a simplified summary on current anti-Covid measures in UZH facilities instead of having to read through all the information emails?


Enter UZH Pandemic 101!

We are a group of five UZH students who want to support all our fellow students who can answer the above questions with a loud and clear YES.

We at UZH Pandemic 101 do all the pandemic info mail reading for you and provide you with a short and slick summary on all the latest rules to follow when being on-site at UZH.

"Wait, what do you mean on-site, I barely remember how UZH looks from the inside!" a majority of you might be thinking (or stuttering it aloud in front of the laptop, because you know, #homestudying) by now. Absolutely right! For that, we regularly provide you with various blog posts with the common goal of improving your involuntary remote studying "experience".


your team at UZH Pandemic 101

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