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How to NOT slip into solitude

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Probably every student, except for freshmen, had thousands of boring teacher-centric lessons in their student life. Luckily, you had some friends, possibly dates, after-lecture-plans including sports or beer, or hilarious situations in every lecture which helped to distract from the boring topics presented by some overpaid sleeping pills. All this was taken from us students when COVID-19 hit us directly, deviously, and unexpectedly in March 2020. ALL the nice things about a student's life were gone immediately.

Instead, students got held in front of their computers at home, still having those never ending tedious and monotonous millions of minutes long lectures. ALONE! Without the possibility to speak to somebody you would see in the lecture hall. It was even worse. Sports facilities closed – bars closed – canteens closed. No possibility to boost the social life. Actually, living without a social life.

So how can you handle this? How can you ensure that your home is not falling on your head?

  1. Chat with your friends. Luckily, we life in a time where nearly everybody is online, reachable, and contactable all the time. Use this. It was never easier to communicate with somebody geographically apart from you.

  2. Create online meetings with friends. Schedule them on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. Use the university-provided software tools. It is definitely a special situation to drink some beers during an online meeting but hey, a) you got beer, b) you see your friends and c) you will definitely have a good time. (AN: Drinking Corona beer shows strength towards the Corona virus.)

  3. Go outside. Alone. Just do it. When was the last time you walked on the street you live not running to the bus/train station? Do you recognize the silence when nobody else is blustering outside?

  4. Start a Netflix marathon. Now you can binge watch the series without having a guilty conscience since you have far more time than usually. This can be easily combined with point 2.

  5. Online dating. Try it. Speaking to people you never talked to before can truly bring miracles in these times.

  6. Start cooking yourself. Search for recipes online or buy a recipe book. Here you can treat yourself well, it brings you onto other ideas and thoughts and the time spent will be useful in the future when you can't see microwave food anymore.

These are my personal top six tips and tricks. What about you? Write it into the comments.

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